Other Work

Other Work

Additional Legal Momentum programs that address critical issues.

Programs & Initiatives

  • Legal Momentum is a leader in promoting opportunity and equality for women in non-traditional job sectors, such as the construction trades and in law enforcement, many of which are high-paying, have career tracks, and provide job security, annual leave, and other benefits. We advocate for policies that improve women’s access to such jobs, support an organized constituency of tradeswomen, and engage in litigation challenging rampant employment discrimination in these jobs.

  • Gender Bias and Immigration Policy
    Legal Momentum’s Immigrant Women Program (IWP) is a national leader in understanding and addressing of immigrant women's unique concerns regarding immigration reform. IWP believes that reforms in immigration laws and policies will be most effective in improving conditions of immigrant women and their families when they are grounded in an understanding of the challenges and circumstances confronted by many immigrant women in America.
  • Apprenticeships
    For the first time in 30 years, the United States Department of Labor ("DOL") is planning to amend the laws relating to how women and minorities participate in Registered Apprenticeship Programs. As part of the process to change the laws, the DOL will be asking the public to comment about how to improve these laws. This is a rare and important opportunity for tradeswomen and their allies to tell the government about what is and what is not working in registered apprenticeship programs.
  • Workforce Development
    Occupational segregation persists in forming a significant hurdle to women’s equality and economic well-being. Many factors have conspired to keep women in poverty and struggling to earn a living wage. These include a persistent gap in wages between men and women and segregation into lower-paying, female-dominated fields. This occupational segregation persists in career and educational training programs in schools, community colleges, and publicly funded programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, creating a cycle which leaves women economically and personally vulnerable.
  • Pipeline Project
    Occupational segregation begins long before young women start applying for their first jobs. Despite the great opportunities afforded by vocational high schools around the country, young women comprise only a small percentage of students learning skilled trades. Some teachers and vocational high schools perpetuate this imbalance by marketing some career tracks to male students, while channeling women to cosmetology and child care, which pay less. Some schools focused on construction and similar trades struggle to maintain a supportive environment for the minority of young women students attending.

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